friends will make you famous

Study Finds Artists Become Famous through Their Friends, Not the Originality of Their Work

Andy Warhol, Photograph of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bryan Ferry, Julian Schnabel, Jacqueline Beaurang, Paige Powell, and Others at a Party at Julian Schnabel’s Apartment, 1985, 1985
c. Hedges Projects

artists who behave terribly

“It’s diabolically hard to sell a cultural product on its merits alone. Look around: Nearly all arts publicity is backstory. About the maker. About a work’s origin. About anything except that which was intended to speak for itself. “

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), French painter born in Paris (France). Ca. 1885. (Photo by adoc-photos/Corbis via Getty Images)

a manifesto for heresy

“you either accept your status as ‘evil’ and silence yourself for the supposed good of social stability; or you reject this status and continue to utter your so-called heresy because you believe, sincerely, that it is true. This is your choice, this is your heresy.”

neural networks photography

Cameraless Photography with Neural Networks: Mario Klingemann in conversation with Daniel Rourke

Coinciding with his current project on our Media Wall, Mario Klingemann will be in conversation with Daniel Rourke discussing his recent work which employs machine learning to create visual imagery in a process he calls “Neurography”. In recent months, attention has been drawn to the use of adversarial neural networks to produce entirely fictitious photographic images and their potential use and mis-use in a post-truth age. Reflecting on the ways in which machines are being trained at an increasing rate to learn new skills – from creating to interpreting images – Mario will unpack the creative possibilities presented by neural networks.