i am sick of artist statements

http://e-flux.com/aup/project/andrea-liu-top-ten-words-i-am-sick-of-seeing-on-artists-statements/ http://photo-soup.org/tag/pseudofeminism/ The Post-Feminist Slut/Voyeur Artist Statement Step 1: talk about how your subjectivity is formed in the wake of post-feminism Step 2: use your fairly attractive body in all your work, photographed in skimpy underwear & rollerskates—it’s okay to look slutty becuz you’re a feminist interrogating self-objectification Step 3: DON’T WEAR MAKE-UP. It willContinue reading “i am sick of artist statements”

post-studio art

“I blame what’s happened in art on how expensive it became to be an artist,” he said. “When I came to New York in ’67, a 2,500-­square-­foot studio was $85.” Without access to such large private studios, he said, many young artists have developed alternate ways of working, like drawing plans for an installation orContinue reading “post-studio art”

the art world’s latest way of eating its young

http://www.vulture.com/2016/05/jerry-saltz-on-alex-israel-and-eating-our-young.html “Recent reports found Murillo, for instance, destroying his passport on a plane and saying things like “The West is a salivating penis.” I feel bad for this 30-year-old. ” Don't be a sourpuss and wagged my fingers. — Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) June 8, 2016  

richard prince and stuff

http://www.baxterst.org/2016/02/18/prince-and-shit/ I try to make art which celebrates doubt and uncertainty. Which provokes answers but doesn’t give them. Which withholds absolute meaning by incorporating parasite meanings. Which suspends meaning while perpetually dispatching you toward interpretation, urging you beyond dogmatism, beyond doctrine, beyond ideology, beyond authority. –Sherrie Levine ” The problem with challenging the dominant ideology isContinue reading “richard prince and stuff”

two types of people

http://www.artlyst.com/member-articles/there-are-two-types-of-people-in-the-art-world-artists-and-boring-fuckers There are two types of people in the art world: artists and boring fuckers. The boring fuckers have it in for us. They’re the ones who gleefully academicised art because they knew that real artists hate writing: essays, self-crits, artist’s statements, creative rationales, dissertations, speeches, press releases, blogs and begging letters.In the UK, inContinue reading “two types of people”