Sleepminting NFTheft Some corporations have convinced you, that provided on Ethereum, NFTs are unique and secure and would solely belong to you if you chose to purchase them. Well… surprise: this is nothing but a carefully constructed hoax to make you feel “privileged” by owning a digital art piece. Your trust is being abusedContinue reading “Sleepminting NFTheft”

Richard Prince, social media and the public domain “The point here is not that Prince will be found liable for infringement; in the grand scheme, he probably won’t. But assuming that any image on the Internet is fair game for any other use because Prince can do what he does is to take a huge risk, and one that should not beContinue reading “Richard Prince, social media and the public domain”

hyperallergic: Photographer sends cease and desist letters to Richard Prince and Gagosian “It is sacrosanct and a fundamental part of the core fabric of American society and culture that every individual’s original work and livelihood is entitled to be protected from the unauthorized use and appropriation by corporations or individuals. This principle, embodied in the copyright law, is something that is profoundly meaningful to me and more importantly, is absolutely criticalContinue reading “hyperallergic: Photographer sends cease and desist letters to Richard Prince and Gagosian”