a manifesto for heresy

http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/a-manifesto-for-heresy/21379 “you either accept your status as ‘evil’ and silence yourself for the supposed good of social stability; or you reject this status and continue to utter your so-called heresy because you believe, sincerely, that it is true. This is your choice, this is your heresy.”

the photographic world of 2016

http://www.americansuburbx.com/2016/09/brad-feuerhelm-photography-class-of-2016.htm “I am probably over simplifying many key elements in my rant. It is only that- a rant. I am sure that I am missing other quibbles to have about photography and since I am not being paid to write this drivel, I am simply going to let the problems carry on as this isContinue reading “the photographic world of 2016”