photography criticism “Ultimately, much like it’s not an artist’s job to make us feel good about ourselves, it’s not a critic’s, either. Of course, that’s where criticism tends to get into trouble. It might point out that what a large number of people might enjoy is actually complete crap, given certain criteria. Reactions to that kindContinue reading “photography criticism”

silicon valley and photography “The key for all of this is who is in the driver’s seat. If you’re happy with being a passenger and with having to change vehicles usually the moment you’ve become a bit comfortable, then stick with Silicon Valley’s boom-and-bust cycle. If that’s not what you want, going back to blogging is likely toContinue reading “silicon valley and photography”

indexicality vs. interpretation “Given how important news images still are, we thus need to have a different debate about them. Instead of talking about manipulation of photographs, we need to talk about their interpretation, in particular the manipulation of interpretation. We need to talk about what pictures do, given their context — not what they’re allowed toContinue reading “indexicality vs. interpretation”

the power (and challenge) of photography, the unreasonable apple and the absence of loss “Whenever I talk to people who are not part of the world of photography, many of the concerns that appear to give theorists or photographers endless nightmares simply don’t appear to exist. Too many photographs? Who says so? Can there be a thing such as too many photographs, and why wouldContinue reading “the power (and challenge) of photography, the unreasonable apple and the absence of loss”

The gestures of photography “The age of innocence is long over in photography. There have been way too many photographs made for anyone to be able to innocently take a picture anywhere. Yet all too often we go about photography — the making of as much as the looking at — as if all of that stuff inContinue reading “The gestures of photography”