in defense of the poor image “The poor image is a copy in motion. Its quality is bad, its resolution substandard. As it accelerates, it deteriorates. It is a ghost of an image, a preview, a thumbnail, an errant idea, an itinerant image distributed for free, squeezed through slow digital connections, compressed, reproduced, ripped, remixed, as well as copied andContinue reading “in defense of the poor image”

against the grain Experimental documentary photography was regarded as an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Interestingly, documentary filmmaking had always preserved a much more vital and sovereign relation to the experimental.

we should be fucking the rich with photography “More people should be partisan. More photographers should be partisan. Should call people bastards and point the finger. I wonder (every year pretty much on this blog) why they aren’t. So many photographers profess to be progressive and get outraged about exploitation in photography and the like, yet fail to reflect that in theContinue reading “we should be fucking the rich with photography”

my experience with the top fashion houses of our time “Contemporary art is a cock ring on a giant erection pumped up by capitalism and keeping the masters of that game from cumming. I think they like it. I think the artists like it, too. They get to pretend to be profound. Some are. Most are hemorrhoids waiting to happen. The blood that pumpsContinue reading “my experience with the top fashion houses of our time”

i don’t have to be a photographer “Meeting the people at the soup kitchen was a new experience for me. I was meeting new people, without the security of the camera to hide behind, without feeling that I had to take something away with me. We talked to each other because we wanted to. There was a brief temptation to photograph the people, but IContinue reading “i don’t have to be a photographer”