agarrando pueblo (1977)

“After the 1970s, the representation of poverty became a true issue for Latin-American cinema. And that is why a film like Agarrando pueblo—of amazing relevance still today—is so significant. Better than any other, this film foresaw the requirements demanded by the world of power for portraying poverty as a spiritual export good destined for rich peopleContinue reading “agarrando pueblo (1977)”

unconcerned but not indifferent “The tremendous development of photojournalism has contributed practically nothing to the revelation of the truth about conditions in this world. On the contrary photography, in the hands of the bourgeoisie, has become a terrible weapon against the truth. The vast amount of pictured material that is being disgorged daily by the pressContinue reading “unconcerned but not indifferent”

western ‘concerned’ news imagery

.@duckrabbitblog well it’s just unneeded ‘typological’ work. the background idea is also outdated. i’m really sorry for those families and > — Photo-Soup.ORG (@PhotoSoupORG) February 18, 2016 @duckrabbitblog can’t understand why they let themselves to that. maybe out of the promise of ‘raising awareness’ on Syria’s refugee crisis — Photo-Soup.ORG (@PhotoSoupORG) February 18, 2016 .@duckrabbitblogContinue reading “western ‘concerned’ news imagery”

Photographs furnish evidence ‘… do extreme and distressing images of human suffering make us more aware of the reality of that suffering or desensitise us to it? When she wrote On Photography, Sontag thought the latter, but when she revisited the topic in a later book, Regarding the Pain of Others, her view had shifted. “As muchContinue reading “Photographs furnish evidence”

Bronx Documentary Center response about Chris Arnade in ‘Altered Images’ exhibition   “In every interview I have seen, Mr. Arnade emphasizes the sacrifices he has made for his subjects: giving them $10 to buy heroin; taking them to a detox appointment; even showing prostitutes the stars through his telescope. In one interview he laments that he must sell his multimillion-dollar home in Brooklyn Heights soContinue reading “Bronx Documentary Center response about Chris Arnade in ‘Altered Images’ exhibition”