DAOs and the Token Paradox

https://gaby.mirror.xyz/zqchiBQhWWS49gaabLU92-BUUwfBL5aHCtNT88VTI8o The problem here — in what I call the Social Token Paradox — is that with this mental model, tokenized communities are incentivized to uphold exclusivity. Let’s work backwards: if you want your community to be valuable, you need your community’s token to go up in price. This makes sense, sure. But to make theContinue reading “DAOs and the Token Paradox”


https://www.artnews.com/list/art-in-america/features/gans-and-nfts-1234594335/ Artists whose work uses generative adversarial networks (GANs)— algorithms that pit computers against each other to produce original machine-made output approximating the human-made training data—have turned to crypto platforms not only to sell their work, but also to explore ways of critically and creatively engaging the blockchain.

Buying a pink NFT cat was a crypto nightmare

https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-57273904 Bright, colourful digital-only art that is selling for millions – who wouldn’t be intrigued? But my first experience of investing in this world was a nightmare – with far too much time, money and stress wasted on… well, not very much. Because an NFT doesn’t have a physical representation like a painting, it existsContinue reading “Buying a pink NFT cat was a crypto nightmare”

cryptopunks @ Christies

Three years ago, two software developers created a quirky art project called CryptoPunks that posed a serious and provocative question: Could a few lines of code translate to a feeling of meaningful ownership? It was a crazy idea that would require, in their words, ‘a conceptual leap.’ Three years later, that project is rightly regardedContinue reading “cryptopunks @ Christies”