the unreasonable apple

  This month I read a review in a leading US Art Magazine of a Jeff Wall survey book, praising how he had distinguished himself from previous art photography by: “Carefully constructing his pictures as provocative often open ended vignettes, instead of just snapping his surroundings” Anyone who cares about photography‘s unique and astonishing qualities asContinue reading “the unreasonable apple”

cphmag: A Game of Expectations “Photographs really are just pictures. Not more and not less. It is not their task to change anything. It might be ours, and whatever might us make or contribute to change can in part be contained in a photograph. But that’s about as far as it goes. Yet, we constantly demand that photographs doContinue reading “cphmag: A Game of Expectations”

Kim Kardashian photobook       “Kim Kardashian has come not to praise the photography book, but to bury it. Her new book, Selfish, is the ultimate slap in the face for anyone who ever pointed a camera with high hopes of being the new Henri Cartier-Bresson or Don McCullin and getting their sensitive snaps published in a moving monograph calledContinue reading “Kim Kardashian photobook”

objektiv: Six questions for Jeff Wall “People do say things like: ‘It’s impossible to make images today because everything has been done’, but it hasn’t been done by them. There’s always a new person who’ll come and do it again, and therefore that thought is one that can come to you at a certain point in your life when youContinue reading “objektiv: Six questions for Jeff Wall”